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Ronda Pees Her Pants Doing The Twizzlers Lady And The Tramp Challenge

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Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne try to keep it together during a hilarious Twizzlers challenge inspired by Disney's Lady and the Tramp. Or, as Browsey Acres calls it, Travis and the Damp. RondaRousey.com is the Ronda Rousey database, a living documentary of Ronda’s adventures and a one on one platform for her to communicate with her fans. Yes, there’s the WWE Network, but this is a Ronda channel. Ronda’s constantly traveling the world. Get the latest news and follow her on her adventures to follow her here on YouTube and RondaRousey.com: https://www.rondarousey.com/ Get your Ronda merch here: https://www.rondarousey.com/shop/ Connect with...
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